Which browser should I use?

The top browsers have been put to the test by ITPro, the IT analyst. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Microsoft Edge, as well as Apple’s Safari have been tested on an Acer Aspire V3-572G-7105 and a MacBook Pro. Security and privacy Security should be the highest priority of any individual who is browsing for information on […]


Click & Drop, will it be enough for you?

This is what Royal Mail said about their latest application, launched just a few months ago: “After 8 years, we’re replacing DMO with our new and improved Click & Drop® service. As well as being simpler, smarter and a lot more intuitive, Click & Drop® is future proofed – which means it will constantly update and improve to […]


2D barcodes, what it is and why do we need it for

Royal Mail has introduced the 2D (two dimensional) barcodes and will want all users to convert their existing barcodes to these types of labels. We are used to seeing the 1D barcodes everywhere, but the new evolved 2D barcode can hold more information’s, up to 7089 characters. These new barcodes need to be scanned with […]


Why would you need an Order management tool?

Having a business these days is very difficult, as online selling exploded drastically in the last few years, especially if selling locally doesn’t bring in the profit you need. If you want to expand your market and have more market options, you should ”switch on that laptop”. There are so many platforms you can use, […]


Prioritize your orders

Having a big business it doesn’t mean only big profit, behind it there is a lot of sweat and hard work. In a business one of the most important things is to be organized. This will save your time and money. It does happen that some orders need special attention, difficult customers, out of stock […]


Emailing from JSI: Pro and Cons

Our new feature will allow you to send emails to your customers, manually or automatically. All advertisements can have good parts or bad parts, so let’s analyse both instances. Pros: a custom email that could give a more personal touch to the deal creating bond and trust which in turn will create return customers promote […]