Version History

Version 2.1.1787

Courier integration - we have just finished integration with APC and Yodel.
Builder Improvement - now the text in the builder can be edited in size, font, and style (bold, italic and underline).

Version 2.0.1678

Mostly bugs fixes related to Net despatch and the invoice template builder

Version 2.0.1676

Template builder - in order for the customer to able to manage his invoice templates, we are introducing the brand new Template builder. It is simple and very effective.
Delete confirmation for printing templates, now you have the option to change your mind if you pressed to delete an existing template.

Version 2.0.1653

Emailing customers feature. A great feature that will help you increase your sales is our new option where you can send a personalized email to your customer. Here you can add future sale projects, advertise your website or any other subjects. The emails can be sent automatically or manually. If you need more information please have a look at the Support Page

Version 1.1.853

Multiple Ecommerce platforms order download. As from today we can download orders from multiple ecommerce platforms. Among this platforms will find Magento, Opencart, Os commerce, Woocommerce, 3dcart, Big commerce, Prestashop, Shopify, Ubercart, Virtuemart, Xcart and Zencart. In order to be able to add your website to Just Ship IT you will need to have a license for up to 1000 ord/month and if you desire more that one website then you will need to have a license up to 3000 ord/month.

Version 1.1.771

Edit invoice address. As sometimes the buyer can change the shipping address after he made a purchase so we have added the option to be able to change the shipping address on the individual orders page. 201602111816254h8f3   20160211181735yemut  

Version 1.1.770

Platform Name to the Amazon. As some of our customers have multiple amazon account we have decided to add the option to be able to name the Amazon platforms so that the customer can differentiate the platforms.

Version 1.1.623

Amazons one day premium shipping. Amazon introduced the one day premium shipping which is an extra option that the buyer can choose and we have added to our application in the delivery option setings so that our client can have full access to all the features of the Amazon platform.

Version 1.1.623

Magento Integration. As the eBay and Amazon platforms are not the only selling platforms through our customers, we have decided adding few of the biggest and most important eCommerce platforms.

Version 1.1.580

Label to go landscape or portrait. As we can print labels on A4 sheet and on Zebra printer we needed an option to rotate the label on the page so it will not be required changes in the printer settings.

Version 1.1.578

Weights on the orders for Hermes. We have added an extra download that will pull the weights of the products from the orders so when this orders are exported as a CSV file for Hermes will contain all the values for the weights.

Version 1.1.578

Airmail for PPI stamp. We have added a Air mail stamp to Royal Mail PPI option so all the labels can be printed for international orders.

Version 1.1.505

PickWave. This option will allow the user to group orders and manage them as one. Beside this option the user will be able assign group of orders to other user with a little message. This option is goo for companies who have warehouses where separate orders are assigned to different packers.

Version 1.1.461

Fix the logo uploading control in the company settings. There was some issues where the logo of the company needed to be deleted and changed and this fix have solved that issues.

Version 1.1.458

Royal Mail CSV export Mapping updates. This is just an update to the "export to Royal Mail" option as some columns and headers have been change by Royal MAIL.

Version 1.1.403

Currency Reporting. This addon will download daily currency details from a third party national currency application and accordingly to this details Just Ship IT will label all your orders which have different currency than UK pound and will do the exchange rate so when you will download your orders to a CSV file for accounting purposes you will have all the payment in UK pounds.

Version 1.1.339

Orders Grid - Sales Per Country. A new option has been added to the application which will allow you download orders to a CSV file containing a summary of sales details by platforms and countries.