Established in 2005, the company was formed by a team of experts with a professional reputation for developing cutting edge products with leading technologies. The JustShipIT team is known for its expeditious, precise work, responsiveness and the ability to accommodate all clients’ needs, providing the most appropriate solution customised to the specifics of their business.

What is the nature of JustShipIT Software’s relationship with eBay?

Working with eBay under their licensing program, JustShipIT is evolving into the most requested tool for eBay Sellers. The JustShipIT team provides eBay Sellers with simple interfaces to download sold items and produce invoices and labels.

What is JustShipIT’s Mission?

JustShipIT’s mission is to provide the eBay community, accurate & affordable tools to help improve their business. Our commitment to developing cutting edge technology combined with an eagerness to listen to customers continues to drive the values of the company. Within the next two years, JustShipIT aims to become one of the most widely trusted and respected eBay tools provider in the eBay environment.

Why did they start JustShipIT?

As an eBay Power Seller, Sean saw a need for more accurate and reliable information in the eBay marketplace. With Darren and Anton’s help they developed a prototype and worked directly with the eBay API to make it possible. JustShipIT is a label and invoice tool developed by eBay Sellers, for eBay Sellers!

How Did JustShipIT Begin?

The idea for the company sprang from their interest in having an eBay company as a spare time business; understanding more about what a pain invoicing and printing labels was. Using eBay they began to explore the eBay API and how the entire eBay economy operated. Talking with other sellers, they saw the need for this tool and approached eBay Inc. with their idea and a prototype.