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How to correctly pack your parcel?

How to correctly pack your parcel Having your parcel correctly packaged is very important to ensure it arrives safely at its destination. Many people don’t do this, either because they don’t think it’s important, or they don’t know how. We have created a short list of do’s and dont’s. We think that if you follow […]


Which browser should I use?

The top browsers have been put to the test by ITPro, the IT analyst. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Microsoft Edge, as well as Apple’s Safari have been tested on an Acer Aspire V3-572G-7105 and a MacBook Pro. Security and privacy Security should be the highest priority of any individual who is browsing for information on […]


Connect your eCommerce sites to Just Ship It

Most eCommerce websites allow you to process web sales from your site’s admin area. However, this can be time consuming if you have multiple online platforms. Don’t fret, Just Ship It has you covered. In addition to integrating with your eBay and Amazon account, we can now add the following eCommerce platforms to your JSI […]


Choose an application that suits you best.

We are proud to announce an application for the larger eBay seller. Those sellers selling on average more than 1000 orders per month. As you know in 2006 we launched JustShipIT for Windows and since then we have been fulfilling the requirements of several 1000 eBay customers, constantly improving the application as well as adding […]


New Royal Mail PPI Stamps

From January you are required to download the latest version of JustShipIT in order to ensure you are using the correct Royal Mail PPI images. 1. Install JustShipIT 2. Navigate to the Tools > Options > Template Manager 3. Select your label or invoice template you are using go to the Design tab 4. Remove the current […]