Since the start of online shopping, a lot of things have changed, especially in the way we view shopping. Everything is so much easier to get now when all is available at the distance of one click and what to sell becomes a real-life mission.

Almost all products and services can be purchased via the internet and 1.8 billion people are doing just that. 53% of the world´s population is linked with the internet and about 25% are shopping on the world wide web on any of the multiple platforms available, each of them being similar, but also different in their own special way.


It’s never easy to start your own online business and finding that niche product or type of products that can help you get substantial profit. One must choose items of interest and which are not well marketed in online shops, not an easy task nowadays.

We are here to help you out though, so we created a list of the most popular items or products to sell, guaranteed to bring profit this year. And we have searched throughout the most important selling platforms for relevant insights.


Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms, with more than 800.000 registered businesses from 175 countries. Believe it or not, Shapewear is slowly but surely becoming one of the best niches to start a store in. By 2022, this market is expected to reach its peak of approximately $5.6 billion in sales, because what started as an undergarment has become a piece for everyday wear.


Travel accessories, men’s plaid shirts, and even smart gadgets are something to consider selling in 2019 if you’re looking for a fast profit. And seeing that cars are becoming more and more technologically complex, digital automotive parts or accessories are now more and more of a consumer favorite.


Next stop, Amazon, by far the most popular selling platform in the world, with the best sellers list updated in real time – each hour, which means that the products that are on this list are constantly changing. Just to understand what a continuously growing market Amazon is, just imagine that last year there were over 1,029,528 new sellers on the platform, which was the equivalent of 2,975 new sellers every day.


On Amazon, gadgets keep a safe space on the top of the list of products that sell easily, most sold item this year being The Jabra Elite Active 65t completely wireless earbuds, followed closely by the Gravity blankets.

These are the latest craze that is helping people relax, de-stress, and get better sleep. Gravity makes the original blanket, but lower-priced ZonLi versions on Amazon are becoming just as popular.


But if you want to sell on Amazon and be successful at it, we suggest choosing to sell pet accessories, such as these pet-friendly gloves have animal-lovers obsessed. They ensure that loose fur is collected before it ends up all over your house.



Are you still looking for something interesting and profitable to sell in 2019? Let’s see what eBay has to offer, as its market is immense, with over 167 million buyers worldwide, of which some could be your customers if you focus on selling something of interest.


Gadgets and accessories are very popular on eBay, for example, car phone holders, charging cables and tempered glass film, a trend somewhat similar to the one on Amazon.

Fashion will always sell well, so t-shirts and sport-related fashion items, such as leggings, or running shoes will take an important spot on the list of most popular items to sell on eBay.



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