JustShipIT allows you to download all your orders quickly with seamless integration into one interface with our ”plug-and-play” support service. X-Cart v4.7.11 is one of them, an extremely flexible open source platform with tons of features and integrations which just launched a newer version.



X-Cart v4.7.11 is out and with this upgrade, if you choose to use this platform, you will get a significant speed improvements and many updates for payment add-ons. Also, sellers get to use the social payment method that is gaining popularity among the millennials.


As a result, X-Cart v4.7.11 is even faster than the earlier version. As a plus, new payment methods became available along with the necessary security and functionality updates. With the PSD2 (Second Payments Services Directive) introducing in September, many payment methods used by sellers at their online store will be pushing changes in the form of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).



SCA isn’t the only change to online payments. There used to be a few issues with PayPal, and v4.7.11 has them all fixed. For example, in mobile Website Payments Pro Hosted, some of the orders got declined, but the company managed to locate the issue and fix it. Sometimes orders got declined with the ‘Declined: Payment amount mismatch: wrong order currency’ error message, which was also fixed. In PayPal Express, some of the orders partly paid with a gift certificate could not be processed via PayPal. Now they can.


That way, in PayPal Payments Advanced, if your cart contained too many items, the order could not be processed with the error message ‘Field format error: Request is too large to process’. As a result, X-Cart specialists have updated the field format and now your big orders will not hang unfinished. Apple Pay/Visa Checkout is now available through the new Elavon Converge Hosted Payments Page payment gateway.


  • For the Amazon Feeds addon, X-Cart have added a few new categories:
  • NetworkAdapter;
  • CellularPhoneCase/ScreenProtector;
  • Industrial/AdhesiveTapes;
  • LightMotor/LightMotorVehicle;
  • FoodAndBeverages/BabyFood;
  • TechnicalSportShoe/Sandal.


Sometimes so-called spiderbots, or web crawlers, began to overload user sessions on popular X-Cart online stores and interfere with the regular user experience. Because of that, in X-Cart 4.7.11 the MJ12bot, SEMrushBot and others were added to help you reduce the amount of MySQL queries and unload the user sessions.

Security patches were also added to the new version of X-Cart, making it stronger against potential SQL-injections or potential XSS breaches for jQuery.

A full list of all the new added features to the newest version of X-Cart can be found on the company’s Changelog.