Having a business these days is very difficult, as online selling exploded drastically in the last few years, especially if selling locally doesn’t bring in the profit you need. If you want to expand your market and have more market options, you should ”switch on that laptop”. There are so many platforms you can use, but obviously you will use the one that has the biggest amount of users. For example, Amazon had 304 million users in 2015, eBay had 167 million users in 2016, Etsy has 1.6 million active sellers, and 26.1 million active buyers. So who wouldn’t want to sell in such a huge market.

The next thing to do is to subscribe to multiple selling platforms such as eBay and Amazon. If you want to generate more profit, you create another eBay user and in addition to this, you have your website.
Great, you are selling on 3 selling platforms and 1 website and the sales and growing and growing. Suddenly you running out of time to write your labels on to a paper with the pen or copy and paste address details with the laptop. Lacking time is frustrating and exhausting.
If you want to save time and concentrate on other tasks, then it’s time to get yourself an Order Management app.
Why would that benefit you?
1. Download all your orders from all your selling platforms including your website in one place
2. You can print hundreds of address labels, invoices, picking lists or packing lists in seconds.
3. If you have tracking on shipping , then you can create labels with a simple click
4. Despatch all orders in one go
5. Send a “thank you” email to your customers
So the answer to the question would be “Time” .
A good application would save you 50% of the time that you used to spend sending out your orders.
Try our application and see how much time will you save using it.