Why is it so important to choose a good courier company?


When we send off a package or are awaiting one to be delivered to us, we expect the courier to deliver it on time and safely. Also, we expect them to be respectful of our parcels and to make sure they don’t get lost in transit or even stolen.

We found the topmost rated courier services in the UK and a few well-known companies that deliver great services. As such, here are some of the greatest courier companies in the UK:

  • DPD

The well-known courier DPD claim to offer a 1-hour window for deliveries, which is pretty decent seen as most give you a 3+ hour delivery window! They even have Sunday delivering options, so if you’re only at home on a Sunday, DPD can deliver your package without any problems.

Also, DPD have an extensive network that allows them to serve their large customer base in the UK, Europe, and other parts of the world.  They have the technology and team to work with individuals and organizations. This makes it possible for them to act as an extension of businesses across the UK.

  • DHL

DHL is a leading logistics and courier company with more than 100,000 workers in over 220 countries. They provide several courier services for express parcel delivery locally and internationally. Their official courier website is designed to help you to quickly get a quote for a new delivery or track a parcel for delivery in progress.

  • Parcelforce

ParcelForce was initially part of Royal Mail before it was created in 1986 as a separate parcel function. Their 54 depots across the UK make it possible for them to serve customers effectively nationwide.

Their services include next morning delivery, next day delivery, two-day delivery, large parcel delivery, and Sunday delivery. They boast of being able to deliver parcels home and abroad just when you want it delivered. This is done while handling your items with utmost care just as you would.

This is a courier service company suitable for both individuals and businesses. They have a range of flexible options that they offer at competitive prices. Their service fees are dependent on the destination, weight and size of your consignment, delivery and pickup options, and some other factors as well.


Additionally, Parcelforce have a rewards scheme that offers exclusive discounts and offers to regular clients. They call this offer Rewards4U.

  • CitySprint

CitySprint is another leading company offering courier services in the UK. They offer a range of flexible and reliable courier services that allow you to send an item whenever you want and wherever you want.

Their network of over 5,000 couriers and 40 service centers enables them to effectively provide same-day delivery to any location in the UK. They accept both planned and last minute delivery requests. As a versatile company, they also offer services like next-day delivery, international delivery, and specialist courier services.

  • FedEx

You probably already know FedEx, one of the largest courier companies in the world. FedEx is another reliable courier service that offers online services. You can prepare and house documentations in the document preparation center and schedule and manage pickups.

  • Royal Mail


We can’t have a “Top courier companies” article and not mention Royal Mail. Established in 1516, Royal Mail is a postal service and a courier company that is highly regarded and considered one of the best courier companies in the UK. You can’t go wrong with choosing Royal Mail and working with them.


While you can’t go wrong with any of the above options, you have to know that working with a highly-regarded courier company is extremely important for your business. You don’t want any lost, damaged or late parcels – your customers will probably blame you. And you do not want that!

Our software – JustShipIT – integrates with the majority of these couriers in order to create a seamless experience. You can print labels and create custom pick-waves in a matter of seconds. It creates your invoices and labels automatically and can save a lot of time.