As you probably know by now, Royal Mail has introduced a new and highly efficient Postage Purchase solution. This is called Click & Drop and it helps sellers buy postage online.
Click & Drop was designed to help sellers save time and effort by, for example, creating shipping rules when applying postage to an order. This can be achieved regardless if the seller manages a larger or a smaller business.

Integration with eCommerce platforms.

One of the multiple advantages of Click & Collect is the ability to integrate with a multitude of online stores. It can integrate with platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento (v1 and v2), Etsy, OnBuy, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. This allows sellers to be constantly connected to their shipping related activity of their business accounts on all platforms simultaneously.

JustShipIT is integrated with Royal Mail, UK Mail, Yodel, DPD, Collect+, Click & Drop as an order management tool to successfully send invoices, dispatch and print labels in two simple steps. In other words, the Click & Drop update is of high importance for JustShipIT users. The service replaces the old Dropbox system and even though it had experienced some issues with its billing system, it is now becoming more and more efficient thanks to its newly added features.

New features of Click & Drop

Seeing the immense potential of this integrated shipping solution, Royal Mail has decided to upgrade it. As such, they have added a new full text search engine to it. This helps users search for their orders, settings and other information based solely on words and numbers.
Also, a new tab was added in order to help users add products to manual orders. Orders contain information about the recipient and destination of the post, and even information related to the marketplace or the online shop from where the order was placed. It also contains details about the products that are about to be sent. Because of the option to integrate many different online shops to a seller account, Click & Drop offers automatic download of each order, thus simplifying the order processing. Furthermore, manual orders can still be easily created on the Orders page.
If a seller has the label setting to create CN22 and CN23 invoices turned on, customized invoices will be automatically created and saved to the user’s Results folder. This option which is extremely helpful for Click & Drop Desktop and Dropbox integrations. The app allows users to choose their own label format. At the moment, there are three different label versions available and except for thermal labels, all the templates are designed to be printed on A4 plain paper or sticky labels.
Magento stores were not left out of the Click & Drop upgrade. The service allows sellers to generate a file with various information from the orders placed on their Magento stores.