Emailing from JSI: Pro and Cons

Our new feature will allow you to send emails to your customers, manually or automatically. All advertisements can have good parts or bad parts, so let’s analyse both instances.


  • a custom email that could give a more personal touch to the deal creating bond and trust which in turn will create return customers
  • promote your own website as you may have more profit there compared to the other selling platforms
  • advertise your future sales promotions preparing the leads to do more sales
  • give out discount codes/vouchers to return customers
  • remind your customer to rate your business giving you 5 star feedback
  • you can send invoices through emails


  • some customers may be annoyed by the number of emails received for the buy (2 x eBay , 1 x Paypal + yours )
  • if for some reason the deal didn’t go as expected then they may leave bad feedback experience
  • some people will mark your email as a Spam (that’s why we offer

Any action has a good and bad side, but if the Pros outweigh the Cons then i would say “Go for it “.