How can JustShipIT help you?

Are you an eBay or Amazon seller or using any other online selling platforms? Do you dispatch your orders manually, from that small storage that you’ve improvised in your home or garage? You must already know that not all products are the same and that not all products cost the same to ship to your buyers.


Dispatch your orders and print custom invoice and labels using JustshipIt

JustShipIT is the order management tool that helps businesses successfully send invoices, dispatch orders and print labels in just two simple steps. Our software has integrations with Royal Mail, UK Mail, Yodel, DPD, Collect+, Click & Drop and, basically, all major shipping companies available.


Justshipit the order management tool that does it all



JustShipIT creates your invoices and labels automatically, saving you lots of time over traditional manual methods of copy and pasting. Labels can be printed using a Citizen, Zebra or even a Dymo Printer. Our order management tool has built-in despatching to update the platform statuses once an item has been shipped. With JustShipIT you can export your orders to different carriers (DHL, TNT, DPD etc.) to update tracking with ease.



As you can see, we will take care of the bureaucracy that stands behind any successful order, but you still need to take some other factors into consideration when handling your packages which must be shipped to your customers.

What do you have to take into account before you dispatch your orders?


Size, weight, and other factors all come in to play, and it’s important to know these things and consider them before posting an item for sale, regardless of the sale channel. How much does a product you have for sale weigh? Does it need to go in a box or will it need a lot of extra packing materials for cushioning?

We advise you to keep a variety of boxes on hand to ship items of different sizes, shapes, and weights in your storage facility, depending on what you’re selling.

Always know the correct shipping cost for a product before actually posting it online. Calculated shipping usually is the fairest option for your buyers. When listing an item, choose the calculated option and enter the weight of the item, including the weight of the packaging.


JustShipIT is integrated with most postal services so when sellers choose calculated shipping, buyers will see the shipping cost based on the weight, class of mail, seller’s zip code, and their own zip code, and the app will calculate and provide labels with the exact costs for shipping and handling each order.


If you’re selling items which are less likely to break during transport, such as clothes or textile accessories, our recommendation would be to use poly-mailer envelopes when shipping your orders. Their main advantage is that they are highly resistant, although cheap and also come in different sizes, to best fit your needs. All major retail companies send their orders in these nylon envelopes, although some might go for the more expensive Tyvek envelopes, made of a paper and fiber material that is moisture-proof, durable, and flexible.


The Tyvek is good for larger clothing items, linens, blankets, stuffed animals (plush), some handbags, and soft goods that can’t be crushed. Only use a Tyvek instead of a box when it makes sense. Boxes add weight, and weight adds to the cost of shipping. Keep this in mind and only use cardboard boxes when shipping large orders.



How you handle your shipping reflects on the success of your business. For example, one of the major objectives on eBay is to provide fair, accurate, and cost-effective shipping so buyers are not overpaying, and you remain competitive with other sellers. Using smart ways to handle your shipping will help you save a lot of money in the long run.




dispatch your orders in bulk using JustshipITSo, to restate, once you start selling online and have to pack and ship your orders keep in mind a few of these key pieces of advice that will help you offer reliable shipping. Everything else will be handled by JustShipIT . We have even added support for integrated labels, allowing you to print both the invoice and label on one sheet, thus saving time and money.




Oh, and one more thing! Don’t be nervous if you have a lot of work on your plate, it’s not easy to run a business. And to make it even easier for you, especially in those hectic months, with many orders bulking up, JustShipIT will download all your orders from each platform into one page for you to review before dispatching. Dispatch your orders with only 2 clicks! 

So, no worries, all your orders will be shipped in time and the whole process will be organized as it should, all from just one place.