Creating the perfect invoice for your customers

You might think that creating the perfect and optimal invoice for your customer seems rather easy and straightforward, right? It’s a bit more complicated than that. You can’t just create an elegant and modern invoice in a couple of minutes, you have to put more thought into it. It is also not recommended to have an overly simple invoice, as this could make your company look unprofessional.

Were you ever in the situation where you’ve purchased something and you got a plain invoice with some numbers thrown onto it? It probably felt like you have made a purchase from a stall at a farmer’s market.

This is why you have to invest a bit of time into making your invoice look professional. Don’t let your customers regret purchasing from you – that’s the last thing that you want! Make them feel special, make it seem like they’ve truly purchased something special from a company that respects itself. The quality of your product will undoubtedly be reflected in the quality of your invoice. Even if your product is amazing and it offers great value for the money, if the invoice looks bad and outdated, your customers will think that they purchased a cheap product. That’s the keyword here, don’t have a cheap looking invoice.

We would recommend following these steps in order to create the optimal invoice:


Address the invoice to the most relevant person

Always make sure that you have addressed the invoice to the most relevant person at the company. This is particularly important when dealing with large businesses as the person you are corresponding with will not necessarily be the person in charge of paying you.

  1. Quote reference numbers

All three of these reference numbers can be useful for your records, and also your customers’, when processing the invoice. These reference numbers should also be quoted on any following correspondence which relates to payment of this specific invoice.

  1. Provide a specific payment date

While businesses include the agreed credit terms on an invoice, many fail to show the exact date that payment must be received by. This will reduce the chances of your customer missing the deadline date as it is made very clear from the outset.

  1. Provide a description of the product or the service provided

An invoice should always include a detailed description of the goods or services supplied. It is important to make clear to the customer what they are being billed for. It may be a good idea to include who purchased the products or services here. Also, never add on undiscussed fees as this could anger your customer, lead to disputes and cause them to refuse to pay the outstanding balance.

  1. Provide contact details

It’s important to clearly provide your accounts team’s contact details. In event of a dispute, this helps your customer to raise the dispute sooner, enabling you to get to work resolving it. This can avoid length delays associated with disputes.


  1. Last but not least – say thank you!

It’s always nice to say thank you. Not only is it polite, it also shows you’re grateful for their custom, improves customer relations and can lead to subsequent sales.


How can I build the perfect invoice?

Having a software that can automatically pull in orders from all of your ecommerce platforms is important for your business. Our award-winning software JustShipIT can automatically pull in orders from eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify and many other platforms. It can also create pick-waves for couriers, it allows you to dispatch your orders, and more importantly, it allows you to create the perfect invoice!

Using the invoice builder in JustShipIT is extremely easy and intuitive. You can easily add a logo, details about the order, contact details and of course, a `thank you` note. Our builder gives you the ability to create professional-looking invoices within minutes. And the best part is that the invoice builder is included for FREE with every JustShipIT license!

Another selling point of JSI is the ability to automatically send out invoice. Alternatively, you can also print those invoices to have them included in the parcel. Or you can just simply manually send them via email. You can also print labels for couriers to save even more time!

You might think that customers don’t care about how your invoice or how your logo looks like. Minor things like these, such as the attention to detail is what can make your company truly stand out from its competitors. It’s really worth taking up a bit of time to create the perfect invoice template. And with our software and the built-in invoice builder, it’s easier than ever!

Give it a try today, we offer a free 7-day trial. Create your invoices and send them out to customers within seconds!