We are proud to announce an application for the larger eBay seller. Those sellers selling on average more than 1000 orders per month.

As you know in 2006 we launched JustShipIT for Windows and since then we have been fulfilling the requirements of several 1000 eBay customers, constantly improving the application as well as adding new features. Now printing invoices and labels just became a lot more easier and faster.
With the introduction of the “Cloud” JustShipIT has moved from the desktop to the Internet. Enabling instant downloads without the need to have to download and wait. Also the benefit of JustShipIT Online managing your backups is a safer way to run your business.

Advantages of the new JustShipIt Online version:
– Holds over 1000 orders per month tiered levels up to 3000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000 and 100 000 orders per month
– No need for installation on to your PC , it is all held on our own servers
– Huge increase in speed since all the data is held on our high availability servers
– Accessibility of the cloud means that you are no longer bound to your laptop in order to work on JustShipIT, you can get access to your information from anywhere
– Highly secure with username and password accessibility of information
– Pay per order instead of each account. In the windows version you had to pay for each license per platform. In the online version you can have as many platforms as you wish to add.
– Simple and effective, we have spent time on make the interface both responsive and user friendly.
– Multiple user access
– Mobile and tablet interfaces
– Customisable GUI. You can change the whole layout of the application
– Mac users can now use this application
If you would like a trial please follow this link https://app.justshipit.co.uk and subscribe today. If you already have had a previous trial or you are working with the current JustShipIT windows version, just login with your credentials.

For any information’s please contact us on 0121 285 1052

Here are some images for our newly born application called JustShipIT Online .

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