Take a tour of Just Ship It

Just Ship IT is simply the most useful application for all eBay seller regardless of size of business. Relieve unnecessary headaches by using software that can help customise your invoices allow you to design your labels and keep track of all your sales. With full audit history and no restriction on how many days you can keep information for this really is a vital tool for your business. Take this tour to see how easy it is to use.

Installing Just Ship IT:

1 Download the 3 day trial Download the install and the simple and easy to use steps in the wizard will help guide you.
2 Connect to your online eBay Store Just Ship IT walks you through how to integrate with your online account information, and update details before launching the application.
3 Download your Orders Just Ship IT automatically connects to your eBay account and downloads orders, and customer details and create automatic invoices if payment is "paid" or "paid & despatched".
4 Print your Shipping Labels & Invoices Just Ship IT prints custom labels & invoices and picking lists with ease.

Just Ship IT's user interface has been designed to make it easy to use and with one click functionality to provide access to your data quicker than on the web!

A Navigation menu allows easy access to all sales activity and filters on the payment status. GUI
B Customers, Orders and Invoices are all available in one window and are displayed in spreadsheets.
C A simple to use workflow is displayed against each tab and helps users with the major functions available.
D Easy to use icons provide simpler steps to all interface functions.

Just Ship IT enables you to download all your items instantly and at speed, regardless of the number.

A To download the items to your Just Ship IT application click the Download button. download items
B The message box will appear "The synchronisation request. Looking for updates".
C The download button changes to install updates. install updates
D You can also see the progress in the bottom toolbar of Just Ship IT.
E All updates are added to the spreadsheets and the navigation menu filters updated based on the payment status.

Just Ship IT allows you to manage your labels per store.

All this can be setup by selecting:

  • Tools->Options
  • Click the Application & Print Settings Tab
  • Click the Label Setup Tab
1 Include your seller's address on the bottom of the label. tools label setup
2 Include your company logo on the label.
3 Include either the itemid, invoice number, SKU Code, or item description on the label.
4 Include the PPI impression if required.
5 Change the colour of your seller address.
6 Create a clone of an existing label but change the dimensions to suit your printer.
An added feature for the packer is that at the bottom of each label it shows the shipping price that the customer has asked the parcel to be sent by. label

Just Ship IT allows you to manage your invoices per store.

All this can be setup by selecting:

  • Tools->Options
  • Click the Application & Print Settings Tab
  • Click the Invoice Setup Tab
1 Ability to set the font for your printed invoice, change the colour and set the print size. tools label setup
2 Set the position of your label on the invoice.
3 Print an additional packing slip per invoice.
4 Print an additional hard copy for your accounts.
5 Advertise your website URL on each invoice.
6 Include an invoice message to your invoices.
7 Automatically update online status once an invoice has been printed.
8 V.A.T management settings if your company requires it.
9 Assign your own Invoice numbering.
10 Attach your company logo to the invoice.
This is a preview of the options selected in the Invoice Setup above. label

Picking List is a new feature of Just Ship IT the benefits of which enables larger eBay businesses who have separate staff for picking and packing to send the parcels out. It's also useful as a check list and a record of total items sold.

To Print a picking list do the following:

1. To Print a Picking list select the items you want to send out from the Orders tab and either choose Print Pick List from the work flow toolbar below or from the print menu.

2. The Picking list will enable the business owner to clarify the items that have been sent to the customer and the person responsible to sign and date for the owner accounts records.

Just Ship IT is simply a tool that can help you get on with selling rather than the unnecessary time spent in packaging, doing your accounts, printing labels and invoices etc. Using PPI impressions ALTERNATIVE TO STAMPS is another helpful time saving tool in Just Ship IT but you must have a valid license number.

Before using a Royal Mail PPI you must have a Royal Mail PPI licence number and an active account. Please call the Royal Mail on 08457 950 950 for details.

1 Enter your PPI licence number. ppi1
2 Then choose the size of our new PPI designs.
3 Choose the printing options where the PPI image will be included on.
4 Choose the correct shipping option for the logo you want to be used by adding or removing shipping options.

Just Ship IT comes with a report that shows the users with ONE SINGLE CLICK how many orders they have taken for a given period filter on the month and the total revenue.

1. The Report below shows the company has turned over L51,855.13 in January.

2. 1315 items have been sold to make this turnover.

The report can be viewed over a day week, month or year. It is a very useful report for monitoring your progress.

To view this report. Select the Report tab in Just Ship IT


In Just Ship IT users have the option to check for updates to their eBay Account automatically. Where by the user can carry on with other tasks whilst Just Ship IT downloads new order items and feedback. The user is notified every 5 minutes that a check is made.

1 Just Ship IT alerts the user that its checking their eBay account for updates.
2 Just Ship IT enables the user to carry on working and the status bar shows the progress similar functionality to Windows Update.
checking updates
3 Just Ship IT alerts the user that there are updates available by displaying Install Updates.
4 Just Ship IT imports transactions and feedback and appends them to the orders tab and sets up invoices.
5 Just Ship IT timestamps the eBay toolbar and the bottom status bar with lasted updated date and time.

Just Ship IT synchronises with eBay automatically every 5 minutes.

1 The eBay toolbar demonstrates how the user is alerted that updates are ready to be installed. The message eBay Updates Available is displayed as well.
tools label setup
2 If Users wish to turn off the automatic eBay downloads simply click the Automatic Download button once and it switches to Manual - now the user is in control.
tools label setup