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Want to spend less money on shipping? Here’s what to sell!

Sell items with the right size As people order more and more items online, sellers must keep up with this trend and focus on spending less money on shipping. Seeing that e-commerce made up 14.3% of total retail sales in 2018 just in the US, it’s pretty clear that shipping has become as important as […]


Key factors for successful and cost-efficient order shipping

How can JustShipIT help you? Are you an eBay or Amazon seller or using any other online selling platforms? Do you dispatch your orders manually, from that small storage that you’ve improvised in your home or garage? You must already know that not all products are the same and that not all products cost the […]


Print and dispatch your Shopify orders with JustShipIT

Organize and print Shopify orders easily   Online sales are┬áreaching higher and higher levels each year, as people tend to avoid shopping in public. Retail is continuously changing, and the way people shop has an impact on retailer activity.     Nowadays, more and more businesses are switched from a costly on-site shop to an […]