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Overnight (24h) shipping

Overnight Shipping Sometimes you may feel amazed by the astonishing speed at which a product that you just purchased is delivered to your doorstep. After all, it happens over a night! Happily for us, gone is the era when customers had to wait for days to get their shipments delivered. The constant evolution of online […]


DPD is the greenest player in the CEP Industry

Climate change is a serious matter for the DPDgroup,  the company has defined in 2018 its new carbon reduction goal – which is to reduce its carbon emissions by 30% by 2025 (per parcel), compared to 2013, making it the most eco-friendly company in the CEP Industry (Courier, Express and Parcel). At the moment, DPD […]


DPD efforts for sustainable shipping services

Sustainable shipping services are the way to the future DPD is not just one of the most reliable shipping companies working in the UK, but also an important player on the eco-friendly service providers list.   Just last week, the company introduced a new emission-neutral Mercedes-Benz van to their London fleet, in an ongoing attempt […]