Net Despatch integration

Integration form

In order to be able to print Royal Mail or other courier labels straight from Just Ship IT you will need to create an account with Net Despatch.

Net Despatch is a sister company of Royal Mail. Read about Net Despatch.

Price-wise, there are no extra fees as Royal Mail and the other couriers have an agreement in which Net Despatch receives a percentage of the regular fee.

In order to get started please fill out this form.

Once you have submitted the form, it takes 5-8 working days to complete your account.

When we have your new Net Despatch account, we will integrate it with Just Ship IT.


  • OBA account with Royal Mail
  • Zebra or other thermal printer

Collection manifest

Once you have started to use Net Despatch you will no longer need to print the end of day manifest in Royal Mail, instead you will be using the Net Despatch website.

If the shipping manifest is not printed, all existing shipping orders for the current day will be cancelled.

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