How to add Tracking numbers to orders

There are  2 ways to add tracking numbers: individually and in bulk.


1) Find your order in the orders page table where you have the “Order” column.

2) Click on the orange colored order number (ie. ORD0000044511

3) On the right hand side insert your tracking number and click “Update”

4) Now you can “Despatch” the order

! Important ! Please follow these steps.  You will not be available to add tracking numbers once the order has been “Despatched”


1) Click on “Actions” and choose “Bulk import / update”

2) From the Upload Shipments row please download the ” Default tracking file ”

3) Open the file and in there you have two option :

a) fill in the JSI order numbers( ORD 000000234..) in column A  and then the tracking number in column E

b) fill in the onlineorderID in column B, the platform name in column C and tracking number in column E

4) Save the file as a CSV

5) Upload the file to the “Upload Shipments” area with the template  called “Default Shipments”


You can choose “Upload” or “Upload & Despatch”

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