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Alternatives to using Royal Mail

Royal Mail (founded in 1516) is the most used postage and courier service provider in the UK – this is mostly thanks to its history and pioneering efforts. But recently the service is on thin ice with business owners. The organization, which has been criticized by the business community for the past couple of years, […]


Why do your parcels get damaged during delivery?

When choosing delivery services, we all want the delivery to be as fast as possible so our customers will be happy to receive their orders on time. At the same time, we expect our parcels to be handled with great care throughout the journey – from the moment you hand it over to the courier […]


Creating the perfect invoice for your customers

Creating the perfect invoice for your customers You might think that creating the perfect and optimal invoice for your customer seems rather easy and straightforward, right? It’s a bit more complicated than that. You can’t just create an elegant and modern invoice in a couple of minutes, you have to put more thought into it. […]


DPD is the greenest player in the CEP Industry

Climate change is a serious matter for the DPDgroup,  the company has defined in 2018 its new carbon reduction goal – which is to reduce its carbon emissions by 30% by 2025 (per parcel), compared to 2013, making it the most eco-friendly company in the CEP Industry (Courier, Express and Parcel). At the moment, DPD […]